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Students' Comments

"Thank you for your very interesting and challenging [Drawing] course. I feel that I have both learned and progressed a lot in the time I have been doing the very varied lessons. I have gained a lot of confidence to experiment and take chances as an artist. I look at the world differently. Thank you for all the feedback and encouragement. Onward to the Watercolour Landscapes!"

H.D.   New York

"Thank you so much for you criticism of my lesson 1. You have given me great encouragement."
K.S.   Cheshire

"I am truly impressed by the amount of thought and work you must have done to assemble your courses of study, and in that respect I consider you to be a sincere and dedicated artist."
A.G.   USA

"I am not a beginner, I have sold a couple of paintings. But one never stops learning and I do enjoy your lessons."
P.B.   Cornwall

"Phone call with Jenny proved very useful!"
A.C.   Suffolk

"I was really pleased and encouraged and greatly helped by your advice in the last lesson."
B.H.   Cheshire

"Thanks for your reply to my first homework with your encouraging comments. I have quickly skimmed through the lesson notes which I have enjoyed very much. As a retired Primary teacher I recognise the quality of the teaching! Thank you. I will apply myself to them and the task."
B.H.   Cheshire

"Many thanks. You have really encouraged me and I have learned a lot. I would like to do the "Portraits" course next."
W.W.   Cornwall

"Thank you again for the advice given about my drawing. I had a wonderful few hours in the National Gallery of Scotland looking at the Impressionist gardens paintings. You really have helped to make me so interested in Art. A huge thank you."
S.C.   Fife

"Thank you very much for your comments, they are very helpful. They cheered me up a lot and I am feeling more positive and bursting with ideas."
R.P.   Devon

"I am rather sorry we are nearly at the end of our classes and I have really enjoyed them. For six months I "went off" doing any art work at all and I am so very glad I saw your advert in the Leisure Painter, which gave me the incentive to restart."
G.W.   Herts

"I felt I would like to drop you a line to say "thank you". I have enjoyed the course - always eagerly awaiting your "critique"! Your comments have always been so encouraging and the course itself has made me open my eyes to take so much more notice of what I am trying to draw. So thank you for all your help and advice. I have really enjoyed 'drawing with you'."
M.T.  Somerset

"A wonderful thing about a correspondence course is the great blessing of being able to go back over the instructions and to read again the encouraging words - and your course is full of information and written in such a cheerful "Here's how, just get started, lots of interesting things to do" way. I am loving it and want to know more and do more - your encouragement and criticisms are very supportive."
M.H.  Northern Ireland

I was greatly encouraged by your comments on my first effort. Although the more I look at the drawing the more I criticise it, I have to say that it amazes me that I have produced something that I think is recognisable and I am very pleased."
K.L.   Lincolnshire

"Since our last correspondence I have had a brief interview for evening 'A' Level Art & Design classes. I have been accepted and will start in mid-Sept. Thank you ever so much for all your advice and all the confidence you have given me. I've decided to go into my Art 'A' Level with all my energy and enthusiasm and do my very best."
K.P   Dorset
(This student achieved a Grade "B" in her "A" Level Art course after completing the course in one year instead of the normal two years).

"Thank you for seeing me through the Drawing Course. I really enjoyed it so I want to tackle your 'Landscapes in Watercolour' course now."
P. W.   California. USA

"I found the Beginners' Course most interesting and I was very impressed with the constructive criticism every time homework was returned."
P.L.   Gwynedd

"Thank you once again for your lovely letter and nice comments, I have never felt so encouraged. I would like you also to know how I really look forward to the return of my work, and something new to get going on. Please send me details and price list of the next art course I can take, as I wish to continue."
H.U.   Gwent

"Thanks for the tips on how to get around 'artist's block'. I haven't had to try it yet as I enjoyed doing this one. You were voted 'teacher of the week' though."
G. Mc.   Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you for your last comments and ideas. You've been of great help and encouragement to me over the past two and a half years. You're good at inspiring me. I'm so glad I found your course. I might never have got started. I can't imagine ever giving up on the painting and drawing now. I'm going on a week at St. Ives School of Painting, something a while ago I'd never have believed I could have gone for"
R.B.   Cornwall

"At long last I have reached the end of the course, and although it has taken ages, I have really enjoyed it and found it very good value indeed. It made me sit down and at least attempt subjects I would have otherwise have avoided; and of course the fact that one receives such a detailed (and kind!) review is the chief encouragement."
R.C.   Berkshire

"I had no probems with this homework and just thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I apologise for sending two pieces of homework - I couldn't decide which one and I like them both!"
K.C.   Toronto, Canada

"I would like to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this drawing course. I have used different media and have attempted subjects that I would never have tried. I think this course has given me more confidence in my drawing. I never expected that I would be using pen without the support of pencil guidelines, for example. The extra sheets giving information on perspective and measuring have been very helpful."
R.A.   Downham Market

"I have enjoyed the course very much. Just tackling subjects which I would never dared attempt has been stimulating. Above all, thank you for the constructive criticism."
D.S.   Downpatrick, N. Ireland

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