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Advanced Courses

Cat’s Whiskers Advanced Art Courses are designed on themes. The areas students may choose from at present are:-
  • Portraits
  • Trees in Landscape
  • Still Life - Formal
  • Seascape
  • Still Life - Plant Material
  • Buildings in Landscape
  • They are suitable for anyone who has completed the Cat’s Whiskers Course in Drawing for Beginners and Improvers. There are four lessons in each Advanced course. Each lesson includes pages of drawings, diagrams and illustrations to help you

    For each lesson students may send in up to 3 sheets of exercises plus a "finished" piece of work, for my constructive criticism. The "finished" homework can be informal, more of a developed study, or a formal piece, ready to put in a frame for instance.

    You need a willing “model” and a mirror.

    1. Proportion; character; facial features.
    2. What will give you a likeness? Sketching from different angles.
    3. Quick sketches - facial expressions.
    4. A more ambitious portrait.
    Still Life - Formal
    In this course we look at some of the arrangements in paintings from the past.
    1. Fruit, leaves; fabrics.
    2. Vegetables; pots and pans
    3. Boots and shoes.
    4. China and pottery. Sketches and detailed, more ambitious work.

    Still Life - Plant Material
    You need access to a variety of plant material, though not in quantity.

    1. How plants grow; foliage.
    2. Dried/decayed material; seed heads, bare wood, etc.
    3. Vegetables and fruit in season.
    4. Flowers in season. Sketches and detailed work.

    Trees in Landscape
    You need access to different varieties to make this really interesting.

    1. Leaf forms,bark textures.
    2. Shapes of different species.
    3. Work on page layout/composition.
    4. Finished work on the main theme.

    Access to sea, river or lake is vital for this one!!

    1. The texture of water and sky. Composition.
    2. How things are reflected in water. Cliffs and walls.
    3. The beach: stones, rocks, pools.
    4. Boats and buildings. Sketches and finished work.

    Buildings in Landscape
    Town, city or rural setting.

    1. Building materials: wood, brick, stone and their textures
    2. Doors and door furniture, windows.
    3. Proportion, perspective, rooftops and general composition
    4. Composition studies and a finished piece on the main theme.

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