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Watercolour and Drawing

22 Successful Years!

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Cat's Whiskers Distance Learning Correspondence Courses have been running since July 1995.

Since then I have enrolled 498 students and have written over 7,000 pages of assessment.

Many of my students have gained confidence enough to join local Art Clubs, quite a lot have exhibited their work and some have used their portfolio of work to help them enrol on “A” level Art courses, passing with good grades.

 I find it enjoyable and satisfying to see my students drawing and painting' skills improve.


Have you always wanted to try your hand at watercolours?
Perhaps you have a set of paints in the cupboard but are apprehensive about where to start.

Have you always wanted to know how to draw - would you like to use your spare time to improve those drawing skills you know are lurking in you somewhere?

Then read on, It’s possible I have just what you need!

I am Jenny Trotman, a graduate of St. Martin's School of Art, London and I have enjoyed drawing and painting since I was very small. I have devised these Art courses so that you too can enjoy painting or drawing to the full - whatever the level of expertise you have reached so far.

My correspondence courses are easy, relaxed and thorough. If you apply now you could find yourself drawing in lots of different media, or dabbling in watercolours in just a few weeks.

How the Home Study Courses Work

Each of my courses has seven exclusive copyright lessons, with some easy tasks to do. Students will find that they gradually gain confidence as they work their way through these at their own pace. Each lesson also has homework topics to choose from and when the finished piece is complete it is sent to me for my comments. The homework helps me to see how well you are progressing. I will mention the good points about your homework, show you your strengths and will suggest what specific techniques you might like to try, to help you improve. The next lesson will be included when I return your work, along with my evaluation and comments. It is easy and straightforward to do.

Take as much time as you like.
Most people will take three or four weeks to complete each lesson and send in the homework, but you can relax and work at a pace which suits you. There is no time limit to any of my courses. If you are worried about any aspect of your course you can either write to me, or phone me in the evenings. You can be sure that I give my students my undivided attention.

Each lesson has several worksheets: These introduce each lesson’s topic and have illustrations and diagrams to help you, and ideas about different media and techniques you could use. There are sheets of illustrated notes on various areas of work, such as using tone, colour, texture and perspective. I also include some historical background about artists, craftsmen and trends where this might be helpful. At the end of each course you will get a Cat’s Whiskers’ certificate.

Each one of my students receives my undivided attention, with a 2-page assessment (4 pages for Advanced courses) for each piece of homework. I point out strengths and give guidance on elements such as Perspective, Proportion, and the use of materials etc. Anyone can improve their skills and have more confidence, and I would like to think that any one of my students could then join a local Art Club and perhaps exhibit their work locally or nationally. I wish all of them every success.

Be BOLD, be ADVENTUROUS and enjoy your artwork!!

More information on the courses

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